Handyman work in progress

This is my Digital Painting “Handyman” at this point of a work in progress. I will continue working on this on my new wacom until finished. Show you that when I am done!

Learning to use Wacom tablet has been fun, but, at times frustrating. Last night I tried to finish this and kept touching some thing wrong! I think it was the key on the sylus. I would look down and see lines going through the face and across the body. I lost all patience after trying to fix the lines twice. Since I have a cold, I decided that the best thing to do was put wacom away and try again the next day.

"Handyman" Work In Progress

“Handyman” Work In Progress


About sabuloustempest

I have gone back to what I love, which is, drawing, painting, pen and ink, creating items through all possibilities, gardening, walking in natural beauty, and enjoying life. I have a BFA from Stephen F. Austin University in Texas.
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