Yearly Burning of Downed Limbs

  • Burning of the Downed Leaves and Limbs Be Careful!

    Burning of the Downed Leaves and Limbs
    Be Careful!


  • A time to burn all the stacked up limbs that fall when you live in the woods.
  • A beautiful, but fearful sight to me.
  • My son was here this year to help me with such activity, and I am grateful not to have to run up and down the long slope from the front of the lot to the lakeside.
  • One year, my neighbor wanted to be helpful by giving me his can of old gas/oil mix to pour on the wood to help start the fire. Big mistake! I poured some on and let it sit for 10 minutes. Came back and lit the limbs with the gas mix.  A wall of fire charged in my directions. I turned away as quickly as I could and ran. Into the house I ran and threw water into my face. Burned hair came out in my hands. I was only slightly burned with eyelashes and one eyebrow gone. Boy was I lucky. Don’t know if I have ever been that scared. Be very careful when using gasoline or old oil to start fires. I no longer depend on this and Have gone back to using kindling to start the hard way.
  • Do you have any horror stories like this?

About sabuloustempest

I have gone back to what I love, which is, drawing, painting, pen and ink, creating items through all possibilities, gardening, walking in natural beauty, and enjoying life. I have a BFA from Stephen F. Austin University in Texas.
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