Rantings Please No More!

Please No More!


I am not perfect, but I am running out of patience.

I spent at least half a day today trying to fix errors for Pharmacy and Orders Gone Wrong.

The Walmart Pharmacy is constantly messing up my prescriptions. The last few days I could not go there to discuss this issue, so I called. They sent me a text stating that 2 prescriptions were ready. Great, but the amount I was being charged was more than double  it’s usual amount. I called them back and after talking to 2 people, the last one stated that it had not been sent through my insurance and that she was fixing the problem right then. Two days later I attempt picking up these prescriptions and one had been changed correctly while the other was not.  Again I asked them to fix this  problem that was already done wrong twice.

This sort of mistake making goes on every month for one reason or another. I was told not long ago that they had faxed information to my doctor for approval, but had received not answer, so I knew there was another mistake in the making. I went to the drop-of area and asked the lady to please look in her faxes. Sure enough, there was the fax sent to them as needed.

Many previous times, they have been out of my prescription and it took 3 trips to get it right. Do you have the gas and time to constantly run back and forth?

Next I tried to get my credit card that I use for a discount for Gas at Walmart. For the second time in a month they charged me a $28 dollar late fee. I called for assistance and the lady I talked to could not add at all as was true the last time. I finally had to just figure it out myself. You may say why use them if they constantly make mistakes. The reason has been that they are 15 minutes away instead of 25 minutes. Makes a big deal when it takes so many trips to get it right.

Next was an order I Placed via internet for greenhouse plastic. I expected to wait up to 2 weeks, but at 4 weeks, became frustrated. I called the company and they did a check on  tracking to see where my order had ended up. They did call me back and stated that the item had been sent from Tennesee to Illinois to Texas to California. The company had no idea where this item is now. They will now send this item again, but all my plants are frozen anyway. Maybe I will start over in early Spring with seeds if I get this order in another month.


About sabuloustempest

I have gone back to what I love, which is, drawing, painting, pen and ink, creating items through all possibilities, gardening, walking in natural beauty, and enjoying life. I have a BFA from Stephen F. Austin University in Texas.
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