Gardening, Gathering, and Saving on Groceries

Gardening, Gathering and Saving on Groceries
Gathering Food For Winter A Gnomes Life by Sabulous Tempest

Gathering Food For Winter
A Gnome’s Life
by Sabulous Tempest

This Gnome brings it home as food supplies go,

As he wanders to and fro!

Looking for various ways to save,

So he can store food within his hidden tree-cave.

Grocery Prices are Soaring While Fixed Income People are Lowering their Food Choice Standards. Or so it seems to me.

I find myself looking for all kinds of ways to save on the grocery bill. Now that the Holidays are almost over, this is even more important for the New Year.

Info on Coupons, Savings, Price Comparing, Planning of the new ways to spread money thin mean allot.

In some ways, that can mean looking at old fashioned options which are being renewed such as growing fresh greens and items which have become very expensive. Canning is a reasonable alternative for saving your fresh grown veggies and with You tube and the internet, one can learn how to do so many things. I find more and more that we do not need to buy all those ready made box goods for high prices for cakes, brownies, fudge, pancakes mix, and more and more.

Looking back I realize why my Mother’s stove had a large bean pot built into her old gas stove. Dried beans are relatively inexpensive and with just a little bit of ham added, quite tasty.  Potatoes are oh so cheap by the bag!

Buy meats, such as a large ham on sale and freeze in separate bags for adding to beans, potato soup, and so many inexpensive meals.

Living by a lake, fishing is also an alternative. Freezing catfish after catching several large ones and cutting them into fillets is a meat alternative and great fun.

These are only a few ways without details. As far as gardening, create your own fertilizer with compost created from all those leaves that you bag up in the fall. Add food scraps and grass clippings. Why pay high prices to expensive stores for throwing away every thing and paying to have this stuff hauled away.

None of these things are simple until you explore the possibilities, but I guess I am just a natural born old hippy. I would love to be much younger and start  living economically from the start. I still try and can do so much in order to enjoy what we have around us to help us learn these many, many ways to good and healthier.

Make your own bread with modern breadmakers, obtained from an estate sale, and you have quite a deal for several meals! The bread loaf of many flavors that you easily create now cost maybe 30 cents or so, depending on what you add to your flour.

These are just my opinions, but I do believe in them and try to live by as many of these things as I still can for as long as I still can. Hopefully I can inform more people and encourage them to try new ideas of old ways.



About sabuloustempest

I have gone back to what I love, which is, drawing, painting, pen and ink, creating items through all possibilities, gardening, walking in natural beauty, and enjoying life. I have a BFA from Stephen F. Austin University in Texas.
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6 Responses to Gardening, Gathering, and Saving on Groceries

  1. I have not had much success with gardens but intend to try it again this year. My parents had a garden when I was a child, and the food always tasted better. 🙂

    • I had very little time while working to explore vegetable gardening and preserving, but now that my yard is full of flowers, I am planting veggies to go with them. Just start a little at a time, a few seeds here and there, and plants will grow!

  2. All great ideas! You might plant some bean varieties next summer that can be dried and saved for winter meals, and also look into buying bread flour in bulk at Costco or Sam’s. I buy flour when it’s on sale, and keep it in large air tight plastic containers. Just baking one’s own bread saves quite a bit over a month’s time. Best wishes, WG

    • I do use bread flour, whole wheat flour, but do not have a Costco around here. I found a good bread book at an Estate sale and make all kinds of breads including sour dough with refrigerated starter. It is fun, but fattening! While my son is here that is ok, but when he leaves, bread and bread machine will be put away.

      • Very very sad…. I’ve been toying with the idea of keeping a starter, but am not sure I’m up to that much bread making. I order specialty flours, like rye and chick pea, from There are good prices on Bob’s Red Mill and some other brands. That is the cheapest source I’ve found for yeast. WG

      • There is a Big Lot that sometimes has Red Mill products I get some times. Oh, this reminds me, I have to go feed my starter dough! Ha! What will I do with it when my son is gone? I cannot kill anything except roaches and fireants.

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