Flying in My Dreams!

Dreaming, when I was young, included Flying.

I so enjoyed this type of dreaming, but told no one. Then for some reason I told a friend about these wonderful dreams and my flying dreams then stopped. I was so unhappy about this because I knew telling anyone about it was a bad idea. Such great dreams gone. I wish I could get this free feeling again.

Below is a  site with information on possible meanings about flying in one’s dreams.

How to Fly in Your Dreams

Edited by Caroline Ashley Kershaw, Halcyon~Spirit, MrsB, Webster and 66 others

Flying during a dream carries a sense of liberty, weightlessness, and power that is hard to replicate in waking life. Being able to fly in your dreams can give you a sense of doing the impossible, and with some practice in the art of lucid dreaming, you can learn to fly in your dreams at will.

My digital sketch

My digital sketch


About sabuloustempest

I have gone back to what I love, which is, drawing, painting, pen and ink, creating items through all possibilities, gardening, walking in natural beauty, and enjoying life. I have a BFA from Stephen F. Austin University in Texas.
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