“WILD THING” The Pastel Painting I Did Of My Little Dog, Falcor

Falcor in Pastel 0012


Pastel Painting of my Doggie Falcor Alias, "Wild Thing"

Pastel Painting of my Doggie Falcor
Alias, “Wild Thing”

I had not used my pastels for a long time, so I dug them out and did a quick pastel of my little dog, “Falcor.”

Now, there is a good reason I call him ,”Wild Thing.” Let me explain.

After retiring and after my old big dog passed away, I decided that it was time to get a puppy. Being a logical person, I researched what I wanted. I needed a small dog that I could actually pick up to take to the vet. I have some neck and back injuries, so wrestling with my old dog after he became older was a problem. Therefore, a small dog was needed.

I also wanted a sweet companion, lap dog, to love and share time with. I watched many dog videos to find just the right puppy for me. I found that a maltese seemed to fit all requirements. Since I was retired, I could not really afford the price of a full blood maltese, but found a lady who had one mixed white puppy for sale. This puppy was half maltese, half miniature dauchsund.  He was called a mauxie. Great! He would only get about 9 to 10 pounds. Perfect.

I brought him home with good plans. He was adorable. I planned to put him in a box at night in the bathroom near me and train him like a crate dog. Then he started crying. I could not stand the poor pathetic sound, so he came to sleep with me. My biggest fear was rolling over on little 4 pound Falcor. That did not happen, cause he just inched his way up to my head and has slept with me ever since.

Back to his nickname and my perfect plans. I took him straight to my vet for all necessary shots. They could not hold him still. He is long like a dauchsund with short little legs like a maltese and dauchsund. He was instantly pegged with the nickname, “Wild Thing.” No one can hold down that wiggly, squiggly, long little adorable, noisy dog. After achieving adulthood, he also decided that no one could hold him in their lap either.

So much for my nice calm lap dog. He barks at everything and everybody every day.

Although plans have a way of changing, little 10 pound Falcor has my heart. He can do no wrong, except sneaking out the front  door and running down the road the visit other dogs. (I look real funny chasing after him, but not being able to catch up with little Wild Thing, cause he is FAST.)

Long Story Short. I could not love him more.


About sabuloustempest

I have gone back to what I love, which is, drawing, painting, pen and ink, creating items through all possibilities, gardening, walking in natural beauty, and enjoying life. I have a BFA from Stephen F. Austin University in Texas.
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